Who we are and our Mission

WEQ4U was established in 2004 and started off as a small business, with one goal in mind,convenience to the public and companies with regards to Vehicle Licence Renewals and related services. When one looks back to where the company started and how it has expanded it is quite clear to see that we are offering an essential service to our loyal clients. The company has strived to satisfy the needs of the public and companies by providing quick, efficient service and to maintain these high standards of service into the future.

We owe our success to the following:

- WEQ4U have dedicated, loyal and properly trained staff that deliver only the best service to our valued customers;

- We provide a service that enables our clients to spend their precious time on something else other than standing in long, endless queues;

- We have mobile offices that are situated along most major routes at well-known filling stations making it easy accessible to our clients;

- Our concept of a 24-hour (renewals) and maximum 3 day (other transactions) service has proved to be very successful;

- We do transactions in mainly Pretoria, Midrand and Johannesburg, and if need be outlying areas.

Our Services:

We offer a wide range of vehicle related services:

- Licence and Registrations;

- Licence Renewals;

- Personalised Number Plates;

- Collection of Drivers Licence Cards;

- Registration of Business Registration Number Certifcates and related services;

- Deregistration of Motor Vehicles;

- Numberplates (own machine on premises and SABS approved).

Our Clients:

Our clients include many members of the public, as well as Motor Car Dealerships and several Corporate businesses. Some of our most valued Corporate clients for whom we process vast amounts of transactions monthly, include:

- Shoprite/Checkers Holdings

- Stuttaford van Lines;

- Pioneer Hi-Bred;

- MSC Logistics

- City Property Administration;

- Faber Vervoer.